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#Ondo2020: Disband Screening Committe Now, It has turned a Charade, Group tells Unity Group


April. 06, 2020

An assemblage of ardent followers of the Ondo State All Progressives Congress (APC), the Ondo State Unity Group Foot Soldiers, has called for an outright rejection of the report of the 7-man Adhoc Committee of the leading interest group within the party - the Unity Group.
The UG Foot Soldiers said the committee is lacking in credibility, and demanded its immediate disbandment, saying it no longer represents the interest and intent for which it was constituted.
The position of the group was contained in a statement signed by all its leaders in the 18 Local Government Areas of the State, and made available to newsmen, in Akure.
The adhoc committee was set up by the Special Purpose Committee of the Unity Group, designated to interview and collate reports of all the ten governorship aspirants within the interest group.
The UG Foot Soldiers alleged that the committee was singlehandedly constituted by a former Deputy Governor of the State and leader of the Unity Forum, Alhaji Ali Olanusi, saying that he had made the appointment of the Committee members so much lopsided that most of the aspirants had kicked against it from inception.
It said most of the aspirants had questioned the integrity of the committee because some of its members were known to be major stakeholders canvassing support for some aspirants in the group.
"For instance, the Chairman of the Committee, Sen. Yele Omogunwa and Hon. Boye Adegbemisoye are staunch supporters of Chief Olusola Oke while Elder Michael Adeyeye is a supporter of Chief Bukola Adetula and so on.
"We also observed the nomination of Hon. Afe Olowookere and Elder Michael Adeyeye, who are from the same Akure South Local Government Area to be out of order since we have leaders from the other Local Government Areas in the Central Senatorial District". The statement read.
The group also raised concerns that there could possibly be preferential policies and unfair treatments of other aspirants as the Chairman of the Committee, Sen. Yele Omogunwa, is from the same Local Government Area as one of the aspirants. It said the former lawmaker had openly declared his intention of backing a particular aspirant to his committee members at the inaugural meeting of the adhoc committee.
The Unity Group Foot Soldiers also alleged that some of the members of the committee have taken bribe in exchange for a good report about a particular aspirant who had performed exceptionally at the screening exercise conducted by the committee for all the 10 aspirants of the Unity Group.
"The committee members have sold out like commodities in the market. We observed the insincerity of purpose being played out among them as some of them have collected money from almost all the aspirants.
"We have it in good authority that Sen. Iyiola Omosore, from Osun State, visited Alhaji Ali Olanusi with a sum of 50 million Naira to aid in sharing it among four of the committee members who would do the bidding of a particular aspirant". The group alleged.
One of the leaders of the group who spoke anonymously to the press stated further, that four members of the adhoc committee are working outside of the jurisdiction of the mandate of the committee. He said four out of the seven members of the group had drafted the screening report and hid it from the other 3 members.
He claimed that the indicted four members of the Screening Committee had recently sent the message below in a text to members of the Unity Group asking for their consents to make the screening report available for the press without the prior knowledge of the other Committee members and the entire members of the Unity Group who appointed them.
"Kindly note that COVID-19 outbreak has prevented the SPECIAL PURPOSE COMMITTEE from holding a formal meeting. I am happy 2 inform u that d 7-man CANDIDATE SELECTION COMMITTEE has submitted its report. Indicate by saying YES or NO to a proposal 2 release the report of the Committee on-line. Pls respond".
The group leader said it is wrong for the Screening Committee to have referred to itself as Candidate Selection Committee, that it is against the purpose for which it was constituted.
He said "The 7-man Screening Committee has been hijacked by Sen. Yele Omogunwa, Elder Michael Adeyeye, Mr Afe Olowokere, and Mr. Boye Adegbemisoye with the influence of Baba Ali Olanusi, and have sidelined Mrs Iyontan, Prince Solagbade Amodeni, and Prof. Ehindero, who is the secretary of the committee.
"These 4 are seriously working to upturn the result of the screening exercise. Why is it hard to do the right thing? These people are out to soil the hard earn reputation of the Unity Group and we would not allow it. These persons are now using the committee to advance the cause of their selfish interest, nothing credible can come out of it. I will advise them to honourably disengaged now to save their names". He said.
In its resolution, the group said that the position of over eighty percent of the total members of the APC Unity Group in Ondo State is that, the seven man adhoc committee has failed to come up with a coordinated report as publicly announced by the Secretary of the Committee, Prof. Ehindero and the other three members. It said that the Sen. Yele Omogunwa Committee should be dissolved as its tenure has expired on the 31st of March, 2020.
It also resolved that a new committee should be set up to review the documents and reports of the Sen. Yele Omogunwa Committee and be given the mandate to conduct a fresh screening exercise for only the aspirants who have purchased the Party governorship nomination form. It said "purchasing of nomination form will show a sign of seriousness in running for the governorship seat"
The group said the leadership of the Unity Forum should constitute the new committee within the next 72 hours after due consultation with all the concerned stakeholders in the group. It said the composition of the new committee members should show an equal spread along the Local Government Areas, Federal Constituencies and Senatorial Districts.
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