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Governor of Oyo state explains what he used to cure Corona virus

Adom sefianu maxwell

April. 07, 2020

In his statement, he revealed the type of food and supplement he consumed that enhances his immunity against the virus.
It was announced over a week now that Governor Seyi Makinde tested positive. On this last Sunday, the second test result came and was announced. The Governor tested negative. The result caught people's attention. They wondered how possible for a result that was tested positive over a week ago now tested negative now.
Contrary to people's view, Governor Makinde said it was the local herb given to him by his friend Dr. Muideeen Olatunji, the executive secretary of Primary healthcare board in Oyo state that helps him to boost his immune system and also terminate the virus from his body.
Governor Makinde declares that he is currently free of Coronavirus. He said that there are local solutions to boost immunity, he then urged people not to fret about the Coronavirus.
Governor Makinde prays that who ever has the virus should get through it with minimum damage to their health.
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