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The EU insists that sanctions should not prevent aid to Cuba or Venezuela

Paul Njuguna

April. 07, 2020

The high representative of the European Union (EU) for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, insisted today that any international sanction weighing on countries like Cuba or Venezuela cannot harm the delivery of humanitarian aid, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.
“Within the framework of the United Nations and the EU it is very clear that our sanctions do not pose problems in terms of facilitating humanitarian aid, but we ask that other countries that have established sanctions do so,” Borrell said at a conference call. telematic press after a videoconference meeting of community defense ministers.
“That humanitarian exemptions to provide medical supplies and equipment to countries that are subject to sanctions – Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria or Venezuela – do not impede the development of humanitarian aid,” he added.
Borrell recalled that the EU position is summarized in that “it is absolutely necessary that sanctions do not impede humanitarian aid.”
He recalled that “we have asked that everyone give the necessary clarifications so that everyone is sure that there will be no sanctions for those involved in channeling humanitarian aid.”
“We must make clear the needs that everyone has, because there are financial actors who are very reluctant to participate in sending humanitarian aid because they are afraid of falling into sanctions,” he explained.
The head of community diplomacy considered that “it must be clear that in these circumstances, more than ever”, that “there will be no sanctions for those who participate in the exchange of goods and services related to humanitarian aid.”
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