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Why Covid -19 may lead to World war |||


April. 07, 2020

Since its outbreak in December, Last year, COVID-19 pandemic has become a serious thorn in the flesh of the whole world. Meanwhile, suspicion that China could have intentionally created this virus has been making the rounds on the internet. Currently, there are serious ongoing investigations to ascertain China's involvement in this depravity. But should this be true that China has a hand in this virus which I know will certainly be, china will pay so dearly.
We all know that this is a biological warfare, and a biological war is as destructive as a military war. It is obvious that the world economy is going straight into recession. Millions will lose their jobs globally. Stock market will severely crash. It is a very tragic moment in the history of mankind. Countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Israel, etc will certainly not take it lightly with China. China may not likely be willing to comply with the outcome of any legal action against her as a result of this virus should investigation reveal she has a hand in it. This may prompt the west to take a joint military action against China because what she has done is tantamount to a full blown military war. Russia, North Korea, and Iran may align with China to fight against America and her allies.
Recall that this is all about who becomes the leader of the world. China and her allies have always sought to remove America as the Super Power. The coronavirus pandemic may not be enough to produce a new world leader, hence war may ensue to determine who becomes the next leader. It was the second world war that produced the United States as the world leader.
But we must pray against this.
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