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COVID19- Nigeria reports sixteen new cases in 5 different states.

Sani Muhammad

April. 08, 2020

Sixteen new cases of the COVID19 pandemic have been reported in 5 different states in Nigeria. 10 new cases in Lagos, 2 new cases in FCT, 2 new cases in Oyo, 1 new case in Delta and 1 in katsina.
Cases in Nigeria has come to a total of 254, while fourth four have been discharged, the country records six deaths of the Covid19 pandemic.
The federal government still urges all citizens to observe the social distancing rule so as to minimize and cushion the high spread of the virus, they are also considering postponing the lockdown rule in that’s was passed since a vaccine has not yet been found to eradicate the virus totally.
So far Nigeria cases record
Lagos- 130
FCT- 50
Osun- 20
Oyo- 11
Edo- 11
Bauchi - 6
Akwaibom- 5
Kaduna- 5
Ogun- 4
Enugu- 2
Ekiti- 2
Rivers- 1
Benue- 1
Ondo- 1
Kwara- 1
Delta- 1
Katsina- 1
Making Lagos the highest number of cases in all the states.
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