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Girls Killed By Family Members For Appearing In Video! Is This What Islam Teaches?


May. 19, 2020

Source: TRT World
Two teenage Pakistani girls have been reported killed by their family members in what is called "honour killing". They were killed because they appeared in a video that showed them with a young man, Daily Mail reports. 
Their killers have both been arrested by the Pakistani police. Both girls were aged 16 and 18. One of the killers was a father to one of the victims and the other killer was a brother to the other victim. The killers have disclosed where they buried the girls. 
Source: SBS
Honour killing is a form of Islamic extremism. It simply means the killing of a family member (usually girls) for bringing "dishonour" to the family. It's very sad that honour killing still happens occasionally in the world today. 
Islam is the religion of peace. We cannot afford to allow news like this or news about Islamic fundamentalism change our opinion on what Islam is. Every religion can be extreme, Islam not excluded. But it is often the case that whenever terrorists like Al-Qaeda or Boko Haram embark on a killing rampage, ignorant people always cast Islam in a bad light.
Source: The Independent
We live in a world of diverse religious beliefs. To live in peace and harmony has always been a problem. Each religious group targets the bad deeds of some believers of other religions to score cheap points. We have gone this road time and time again yet we have made no progress.
Condemning the bad deeds of religious fanatics should be done without smearing the religion itself. Islam never preaches violence or honour killing. Boko Haram, Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabaab are not a true reflection of Islam. It'd be wrong to think so and extremely misguided to spread this sentiment too.
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