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AH NASO! Ogbonge Actress, Sola Sobowale Don Finally Open Some Secret Them Give Pipu


May. 21, 2020

Naija actress wey be Sola Sobowale don share some secrets them wey fit make pesin turn ogbonge for film industry.
For one latest Instagram chat with comedian, Woli Arole, The actress talk about wetin she bin do wey work in her favour for the industry for plenty years ago.
Sola Sobowale bin talk: ''For the grace of Baba God wey fit take pesin go anywhere for life, for being a team player, make you get good behavior and character wey go elep any pesin turn ogbonge and even dey ahead.
''And for your absence as an actress and your name go dey mention anywhere wey you go and when you dey join movie set, the crew them go dey excited to recieve you but the director go wan waste your money when you get trouble maker for production set.
''Anywhere you go for life, you suppose dey with your best behavior, make you know how to carry pipu along.''
 She bin add this one: ''You suppose be down to earth pesin, dey good, dey nice, make you do to others wetin you want others do for you, wetin dey for life nah say make you no keep taking, make you know how to dey give back, and another thing wey dey be prayer.''
The actress turn ogboge in 2001 when she bin play character of Toyin Tomato for one ogbonge TV drama series, Super story: Oh father, oh daughter.
For 2019, Sola Sobowale get Africa best actress for the 15th edition of African movie Award(AMAA) for her lead role for blockbuster film ''King of Boys'' wey win three AMAA awards.
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