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My Husband Died Weeks Ago And His Brother Is Insisting On Marrying Me – Young Widow Seeks Advise


May. 22, 2020

A young widow seeks advice from well-meaning Africans as she is in a difficult situation. 
The beautiful Nigerian lady who recently lost her man has cried out over the possible relationship offer she is getting from his husband's brother barely a month after her husband died.
The lady identified as Tina Kalu, took to her Facebook page to disclosed her experience and ask as Nigerians and the entire Africans on what to do, how to get out of her current ordeal, and predicament.
This is definitely a tricky situation for her, as she disclosed some explicit information.
She wrote: 
Hello peeps can you guys help me out here?
My husband died just three weeks ago, we have been married for 10 years and I have a son for him.
We had to postpone the burial because of this coronavirus disease, now my brother in law is insisting we get married.
Since the first week after my husband’s death this man won’t let me be. “I even at a time had to sleep with him to satisfy him”. He promised he wont make a request if i gave it to him just once.
He offered to foot the bills of my Husband’s burial which is about 5 million naira.
Now I am confused, is it right for me to marry my brother-in-law just a few weeks after the death of my husband.
No insults, please. She demanded.
Kindly drop your opinion on this in the comments section below
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