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USE OF FORCE! U.S. Unleash 5,000 Soldiers On George Floyd Protesters, Impose Curfew


Jun. 01, 2020

Dozens of cities across the United State extended curfews through Sunday night and manay deployed National Guard soldiers amid continuing unrest on the streets.
Tens of thousands of people took to the streets again on Sunday after days of protests over the death of George Floyd.
Scenes of looting and arson emerged in the evening and the police increasingly militarised their response.
In Los Angeles and nearby cities, looting was taking place by Sunday evening.
Multiple fires broke out in Washington as protests continue in front of the White House, local media, including NBC reported.
The cities of Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit and Washington were all put under curfews, while the south-western state of Arizona instituted a state-wide, week-long curfew after demonstrators took over city streets and battled the police on Saturday, some of whom responded with tear gas and rubber bullets.
The restrictions impacting millions of people came as over 5,000 National Guard soldiers were activated in 15 states and the U.S. capital to back up local law enforcement responses.
The outpouring of rage across the U.S. has forced yet another reckoning with the police treatment of African-Americans in the country.
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