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N20 million Saga: Asari Dokubo attacks Nnamdi Kanu, responds to Allegations


Jun. 02, 2020

Former President of Ijaw Youth Council, Asari Dokubo has responded to allegations of obtaining twenty million naira from Nnamdi Kanu, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) leader.
The leader of the secessionist group, in a broadcast on Saturday, accused Mr Dokubo of collecting N20 million from him while in prison. The broadcast was aired on Radio Biafra and monitored by POLITICS NIGERIA.
It should be noted that Mr Kanu was arrested on treason charges in October 2015 and was detained for more than a year, despite various court orders that ruled for his release.
While speaking about the detractors who betrayed the group, Mr Kanu alleged Mr Dokubo of some criminal acts
“Because he is a criminal and I’ll prove it. As I’m saying it, I’m mentioning names. That useless pig called Asari Dokubo that I gave money to. From inside prison, I gave him twenty million naira. I was in prison. He was so poor that I authorised for him to be given twenty million naira.”
He alleged that after paying Mr Dokubo to earm his support, some members of IPOB were nabbed by operatives of the Department of State Security (DSS) with the help of the activist.
“Our men went to Nkwocha. That bloated pig called DSS to come and arrest my men in Nkwocha and he gave the money to them. People have no shame. Did I give you money or not? I was in prison and I organised a meeting in cotonou, in your house, with our men. You demanded for two hundred million naira. Did you ask me for two hundred million naira or not?” He challenged the former Ijaw leader.
“I gave you money for us to do something, you went ahead to call on DSS. You are freedom fighter who is in love with your oppressors. How much did we give to support the avengers? The Ijaw kingdom know you. They know you are a traitor.” kanu said.
Meanwhile, in his response, Mr Dokubo swore on the holy Quran insisting that he never collected twenty million naira from the IPOB leader.
“Nnamdi Kanu, your followers have challenged me that if I did not collect any money from you I should swear by the Quran. Here is a copy of the Quran.
I swore by the Quran that I never collected twenty million naira from you or any of your representatives. That i never betrayed any of your members,” he said in a video obtained by POLITICS NIGERIA.
Also, he denied betraying any IPOB member, saying; “You sent your members to me. They stayed with me and they left. As I am talking to you I have about 18 IPOB members with me, living in my house- Combatant IPOB who live with me.”
However, he challenged Mr Kanu to also swear if he had not been collecting kickbacks from state Governors.
” I want you to swear if you have not been collecting monies from Governors in Igbo states and beyond, running into hundreds of millions- That you have never collected a dime from them.”
“Whether you swear or not, your days are numbered. God will see your disgrace,” he added.
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