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Nigerian govt bans street trading, hawking amid COVID-19 pandemic


Jun. 02, 2020

The Federal Government has prohibited street trading and hawking amid the coronavirus pandemic.
The ban was disclosed by the National Coordinator of the Presidential Task force on COVID-19, Sani Aliyu.
Speaking during the task force daily briefing yesterday in Abuja, Aliyu, however, said artisans can go about their regular businesses.
He said, “In terms of general movements, persons may go out for work, go out to buy necessary foods and for exercise, provided they abide by the curfew hours. Movement between local government areas is strongly discouraged unless for critical reasons such as healthcare and work.
“I would like to emphasize that it is still safer to stay at home and avoid crowds. The pandemic is not over in this country and the relaxation does not mean that it is safer to go out. If you do not need to go out, please continue to stay at home.
“Hawking and street trading is also prohibited, and we will be looking into this in greater detail with state authorities.”
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