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"At Least Bleaching Is Legal" - Bleaching Cream Seller, Dencia MOCKS Hushpuppi After Arrest


Jun. 26, 2020

Bleaching cream expert, Dencia has come out to have a good laugh at Instagram celeb, Hushpuppi following his arrest. 
Hushpuppi real name Ramon Abass was arrested alongside his associates on counts of fraud amounting to $432.6 Million. 
While he was picked up a few weeks ago, it wasn't until yesterday that footage of his arrest was released on social media by the Dubai Police. The alleged internet fraudster was apprehended at his Dubai residence. 
Dencia who has been seemingly shaded by Hushpuppi in the past has now taken to Instagram to mock him. 
At the start of June, when the Black Lives Matter protest was at its peak, Hushpuppi condemned skin bleaching, writing: "Don't post black lives matter if you're bleaching."
Apparently, Dencia, who sells skin lightening products, was offended by the post. Following Hushpuppi's arrest, she decided to get back at him.
Reposting Hushpuppi's Instagram post which condemned skin bleaching, she wrote; 
"At least bleaching is legal, we buy and sell legal bleaching without fear of arrest. He was arrested a day after this post. How can you be so loud, old, acting childish and doing illegal sh*t but always talking sh*t, demeaning and insulting hardworking folks on top of their money you are stealing?
"If you gonna be a criminal, be a smooth one. You can't be smart and be dumb at the same time. N*ggahs ain't street smart, they are social media smart".
Hushpuppi and his associates defrauded over 1.9 Million victims. 
VIDEO | Nigerians Cannot Afford My Bleaching Cream - Dencia
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