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Ignoring COVID-19 safety protocols may be our last mistake – Rawlings warns


July. 03, 2020

The former military leader said he has observed too many gatherings where people are not adhering to COVID-19 preventive measures.
He cautioned that ignoring the safety measures “may be our last mistake” as the virus continues to spread.
Jerry John Rawlings
“Let us wake up! There are too many gatherings that ignore Covid-19 preventive protocols,” Rawlings said in a statement posted on his Twitter page.
“As we go through the process of voter registration, let us not let down our guard. It may be our last mistake. Let's wear our masks, maintain appropriate social distancing, basic cough etiquettes and proper hand and general hygiene protocols.”
He said the death of Sir John and the infections of many other government officials should serve as a reminder of how deadly the virus is.
This, Rawlings said, is the main reason why Ghanaians must not underestimate the disease.
“It does not appear that we can afford the comfort of thinking the Covid-19 virus has gone weak or lessened its grip. It is there and very much around waiting to infect and claim the lives of those of us who will underestimate its danger,” he added.
Ghana’s COVID-19 case count currently stands at 18,134, with 117 deaths.
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