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5 Simple Ways To Enjoy Rough S3x With Your Partner

Phil Opt

July. 06, 2020

As much as everyone wants to enjoy s3x, there are those who few or think it is a taboo to want some aggressive s3x with your partner.
The truth be told, no one would love to talk about what they really do in their bedroom, however, it is important to know how to enjoy good s3x and rough one.
But what does it mean to have or enjoy an aggressive s3x?
Rough s3x means any s3xual activity that is more physically aggressive and possibly dangerous. But it differs from one person to the other as what one will seem aggressive same for the others.
Moreover, rough s3x does not have to necessarily include any physical pain or discomfort. Watching a hardcore p0rn, s3xting, dirty or naughty talks all form part of aggressive s3x.
Here are some tips on how to enjoy an aggressive s3x;
1.   Consent is a must
It is important that both of you have to agree before engaging in any s3xual activity. Unless it is a hundred percent agreement, it should not be done and no partner should be forced.
2.   Identify and establish a limit
Since rough s3x can mean a different thing to everyone, both of you have to figure out what rough s3x actually is and what you want to try. Make use of the Yes or No or Maybe list before going ahead.
3.   Communication should be constant
Note that rough s3x isn’t all about orgasm and screams of pleasure, it also requires a whole lot of talking. In the process, do well to communicate with your partner when to stop or slow down in order not to harm the other. 
If you spanked him or her about 4, ask if they want more or want to end it.
4.   There should be satisfaction
It is possible that one partner won’t really enjoy it, but it is important that both of you get the satisfaction you both want. Try to eliminate any bad feeling.
5.   Aftercare is needed
When you are both done, make sure to find or locate the places or areas that need the necessary care or treatment. Take care of each other.
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