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Brad Paisley Moves Couple To Tears With Incredible Gift

Jennifer Passmore

July. 07, 2020

Brad Paisley, beloved country singer, has been quite busy since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. From opening up a zero-cost grocery store - even adding a delivery service to it for seniors and others who couldn't get out, to giving one couple a very special gift. He has been making his mark and doing all that he can for families in need right now. In his latest project, he has teamed up with Amazon Prime and their video series, "Regular Heroes ."
The series is meant to highlight essential workers all across the United States. In an episode, he gives a huge gift to a struggling couple to show them just how much the work they put into their jobs each day is appreciated.
Credit: Sounds Like Nashville / Facebook
Paisley recently gave a surprise video call to Daniel and Danielle Hayden, of Hayden Farms. In the Ohio Valley area of Kentucky, the family farm raises chicken and cattle. In the video call, Paisley says, "I so appreciate you keeping the food chain going for all of us,” Paisley told them in a preview clip for the next episode. “I know this is tough right now with the family farm and what you’re having to do, and I want to give you a couple of things today that I think maybe you need."
He then told the Hayden's to take a look outside, to see a few little gifts that he had left for them. One of them was a year's supply of N95 respirator masks that everyone on the farm uses every day to keep everyone safe. Paisley was also privy to the information that the farm was recently handed down to Daniel from his father. His second gift was a customized belt buckle with the family's name on it to "tie the generations together."
Posted by Hayden Farms on Wednesday, August 15, 2018
However, it was his third gift to the couple that brought them to tears. Since Daniel is now the owner of the farm, the couple has been hoping to get pregnant, especially so that they can pass on the farm to the next generation.
Paisley said, "We know that you guys have been trying really hard to start a family, and medical help for this can get really expensive,” he said. “So as a show of support, we’d like to help the two of you with fertility treatments in the hopes you can have a child to pass this farm down to, keeping it in the family."
The couple broke down and just held each other and cried after hearing that. Daniel thanked him profusely and said that his number one priority was to keep the farm in the family, but that the couple had been having trouble trying to conceive. Paisley's episode of "Regular Heroes " aired on July 3rd.
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