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Underground ‘doomsday’ bunker complete with a helipad and its own water supply for super rich to flee the apocalypse


July. 13, 2020

ASTONISHING images show inside a concept "doomsday" bunker that comes complete with its own helipad and water supply.
Called Plan B, the design was created by Ukrainian firm Sergey Makhno Architects, and will provide a safe place for members of the super rich to hide out through any coming apocalypse.
Set at a depth of 15 metres, the structure occupies 172 square meters and can be placed either near a main residence or in a remote location.
The firm say they wanted to “create a cosy and safe home in the depths of the earth.”
The building can be accessed through any of three entrances and also has a helipad on the roof.
Pictures of its ultra-modern interior show large, minimalist bedrooms, a kitted-out kitchen, and even a cinema room.
The walls of some rooms also show floor-to-ceiling images of panoramic views to create the illusion the structure is actually above ground.
The building is set out over three layers: a living space, a floor with a water treatment system and generator, and one of electrical equipment.
At the very bottom there is also a well.
The ongoing coronavirus crisis has for many raised the question of what the end of civilisation might look like, and Sergey Makhno Architects is just one of many companies helping the super rich put contingency plans in place.
“Of course, all systems in the Plan B underground building are autonomous,” say the architects.
“Water supply, sewerage, closed ventilation system with recuperation, intake, and air purification.
"Whatever happens on the Earth's surface, life in Plan B will continue.”
The company also says the design was intended to resemble the entrance to a museum of modern art, or even a military base.
"We tried to create a simple and concise form, which in all its perspective would speak of reliability, but also be aesthetically attractive," it says.
"It would not intimidate and lets you in from both the ground and from the air."
The whole base would provide comfortable living for two or three families with children - plus staff and their families.
The company says that the design could be repurposed for a site that would accommodate a lot more people.
"At this stage, we are interested in experimenting with the underground space in such a way as to create the illusion of being above the surface," the company says.
"As if you could look out the window and see the blue sky.”
"This project is a release from emotions, a reflection on the continuation of human life under any circumstances.
"[It is] an attempt to find an answer to the question of whether architecture can create the impression of life at the surface while being in its depths."
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