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Simple Things To Do When Your Partner Ignores You After An Argument

Maame Enuwah

Aug. 05, 2020

Arguments in relationships are normal. It is perfectly okay for two people to disagree sometimes and how you react to it may be different from that of your partner’s. Some people need their space to clear their heads, others also want to deal with the issue right away and others will totally ignore you. It is more like they block you out and do not want anything to do with you. If your partner ignores you after an argument, here are 3 simple things you can try:
1. Apologize
 Rendering an apology does not make you the weak person rather it just breaks the silence between the two of you. For all you know, something you uttered really got to your partner and pushed them to ignore you. Hearing hurtful words from the one you love can be very painful. The only thing that will get your partner to warm up to you again is asking them for forgiveness. You can start by getting them an “I am sorry” gift or write them a heartfelt note.
2. Start a light conversation
 After your apology, try to start a light conversation to get them to open up to you. They might not be forthcoming in the beginning but that is a start. Give it time; things will definitely go back to normal.
3. Give them space
 If the first two do not work, then you should try giving them space. Do not try too hard to get their attention. They just need some time to process the whole situation. Eventually, they will come around when they are okay.
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