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TRUE LOVE!!! A Man Donated Half His Liver To Save The Life Of His Future Wife


Aug. 06, 2020

Christopher Dempsey is the kind of man most women wish for as he rare act of kindness did not only save a family from losing one of their own but also gave a young promising woman another chance at life.
His generous act was not only herioc but singled him as a very special person. He had to give up half of his liver for someone he did not know when he overheard a coworker he talking about a cousin who had stage-four liver disease. 
The co-worker needed a liver transplant for her dying cousin, but there were 119,000 people on the transplant list before her. And unless she found a donor, she would only have two more months to live.
Dempsey didn’t know the family well, but he didn’t think it was right to let her suffer. And so he butted in to offer to get himself tested to see if he was a match. When he found he was, he agreed to donate part of his liver.
His rare act of kindness eventually paid off as the woman whose life he’d save was named Heather Krueger, fell in love with him. They started dating after the operation, and in 2016, two years after saving her life, Chris Dempsey got married to her something that would never have happened if he hadn’t agreed to give up an organ for a total stranger.
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