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5 Strongest Signs He's Catching Feelings For You And Falling Hard

Aba Brew

Aug. 14, 2020

Guys can be confusing creatures. Does he like you or not? If you’re searching for signs he’s catching feelings for you, look no further!
Some of these signs are more obvious than others. It’s important that you look for more than one; perhaps two or three signs and you’re on solid ground. So, how many of these signs he’s catching feelings can you tick off your list?
#1 You’re always catching his eye. Let’s be honest, you can’t catch the eye of someone who’s not looking at you in the first place! If he’s staring at you in a cute kind of way, that’s a clear sign this boy has budding feelings for you. Of course, there is cute staring and altogether weird staring. Hopefully it’s the former, and not the latter!
#2 His friends know small details about you. Hopefully, he’s not telling them anything unnecessary, but if you meet his friends and they know your job, favorite TV show, etc., he’s been gushing to them about how wonderful you are. Definitely one of the signs he’s catching feelings!
#3 You receive cute, random texts. If someone texts you, it is because they thought of you. It could be because they want to tell you something in particular. But, if you’re receiving ‘just because’ texts, that’s a sign that this guy can’t get you out of his mind! 
#4 When he has spare time, he spends it with you. Let’s be honest, most guys have many friends. They only have to click their fingers and they come running. Now, if this guy is choosing to spend his spare time with you, that’s a great sign. Of course, he shouldn’t spend all his time with you, but if you’re noticing him spending more and more of his down time by your side, you’re onto a winner!
#5 He pays attention to small details. Did you tell him a funny, but insignificant story, about something that happened when you were a child? If he remembers it a few weeks down the line, that’s a great sign! Simply remembering small details about you means that he’s paying attention.
When these signs come your way, and you feel the same way, be sure to reflect them back and show your affection too. Putting up a wall because you’re confused about where you stand isn’t going to steer the relationship past these confusing first few months. Be open with your own feelings too.
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