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Things We Do For Love!!! Man Employs Prostitute To Disgrace Him Over Unpaid S3x To Propose To His Girlfriend (Video)


Aug. 14, 2020

The different ways guys are using to propose to their ladies seem to be going out of hands. 
A video making the rounds on social media has captured the moment a s3x worker attacked a man and his girlfriend at a mall.
In the video, a lady attacked the man and his girlfriend while they were shopping at the mall, claiming that he had s3x with her and refused to pay.
The girlfriend tried to calm the situation as she pleaded with the s3x worker to calm down so they can settle the issue amicably.
However, the story changed after her boyfriend brought out a ring and went down on his knees to propose to her.
People who were at the scene were marveled at the situation as to why a guy will go that far to express his permanent love to his fiancee
Watch the full video below
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