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List Of Things Permitted On Level 2


Aug. 15, 2020

Below is the summary of the President Speech and List of Permitted and Unpermitted things on Level 2. Level 2 will start on the 18/08/2020.
Now permitted under Level 2:
• Inter-provincial travel lifted no more permits needed
• Leisure travel and accommodation
• Sale of alcohol (subject to certain restrictions) & tobacco.
• Restaurants, hotels, taverns
• Family and social visits (but still exercise extreme caution)
Familiarity should not allow us to forget necessary precautions.
Alcohol Sale from 09:00-17:00 Monday to Thursday
Following restrictions remain:
• International travel (Boarders still closed)
• Gatherings of over 50 people
• Spectators at sporting events
• A curfew: 22.00 - 4.00
Please continue to stay at home (including for work), if you can.
Please note that : South Africa will remain in a national state of disaster until 15 September 2020.
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