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Female Celebrities Who Left Their Men For Women – You Won't Believe Angelina Jolie Almost Married A Fellow Woman 😱😱


Sept. 25, 2020

With regard to cherish there is an ease that numerous individuals are grasping. It's gradually getting more worthy for individuals to speak the truth about who they love without clarifying why they love them. While a great many people have the advantage of doing this in the security of their own carries on with, the VIPs on this rundown have needed to do this in the public eye. It obliges the domain of being a well-known person. At regular intervals, another outrage comes out that appears to stun everybody: a female superstar chooses to leave her sweetheart, spouse, circumstance transport anything they desire to name it as so as to seek after a relationship with a lady. Being in an equivalent s*xual orientation relationship is similarly as hard if not harder than a hetero relationship. Notwithstanding the weights of the relationship, there comes the gazes, the remarks, and the directly up pessimism. 
In any case, the relationship capers of a significant number of these female famous people has made for extraordinary newspaper talk and roused some crazy and generally unreasonable tales about connections in Hollywood. Many individuals appear to overlook that Hollywood is a major spot and that there are unlimited open doors for affection. Numerous individuals who don't want to put a name on what they do with their own connections. While this rundown is just starting to expose what's underneath, here are a couple of ladies who picked a lady (or a couple) over the men that were in their lives. 
1 Lindsay Lohan 
Lindsay Lohan is as of now going through her days in Dubai doing God realizes what which is distinctive in light of the fact that she used to be the L.A. party young lady. During the time she was said party young lady, she was circumventing Hollywood dating various individuals. Heath Ledger, Wilmer Valderrama, Colin Farrell, James Franco the rundown is long. We aren't exactly certain which one she was really dating and not simply connecting with when she moved onto that now scandalous relationship with Samantha Ronson that endured years. The relationship finished some time prior, however Lohan has since portrayed it as "harmful" perhaps it was sufficient to startle her back to men. Her last relationship which was similarly as harmful if not more was with Egor Tarabasov so perhaps she will switch back to ladies again soon. 
2 Kristen Stewart 
Nobody was astounded when model and entertainer Cara Delevingne communicated her personality. She was once connected to Dane DeHaan yet these days she is venturing making the rounds with a bigger number of ladies than men. She has consistently known about her personality, during a meeting with Glamor magazine she stated, "when I talked about my s*xual ease, individuals resembled, "So you're gay." And I'm similar to, "No, I'm not gay." She is simply open about her inclinations. She characterizes herself as liquid and has left men to date ladies and the other way around. Would you be able to accuse her? There is such a great amount of affection on the planet who would not like to absorb as much as possible? She concedes that she is now and again still befuddled about what she enjoys and needs, she just likes being a liquid individual. 
3 Demi Lovato 
Back in September 2017 a solitary Demi Lovato was spotted nestling up with a delightful lady. In the event that you review she and her long-term sweetheart Wilmer Valderrama separated and stunned everybody by not reuniting. Her 2015 melody "Cool For The Summer" showed that she might be into dating ladies and in 2017 she did exactly that. The vocalist was connected to DJ Lauren Abedini who is out. The two went to Disney world together and they were clasping hands and nestling up somewhat to a great extent. They could have recently been companions clasping hands however then an image surfaced from the very day that had Demi giving her young lady a little butt rub. 
Drew Barrymore has been connected to Jane Pratt a writer and manager for Jane magazine some time prior. Barrymore was new off of a relationship and during a meeting with Howard Stern she discussed connecting with ladies from before yet she wouldn't name names. Well a couple of years after the fact, Pratt disclosed to Us magazine that she snared with Barrymore and expectations that one day she can go on Howard Stern's show and "come clean" about her time with the entertainer. Individuals have since quite a while ago conjectured that it occurred in 1997 when Barrymore was going for the presentation front of Jane magazine. It would bode well planning savvy. The entertainer has since proceeded onward got hitched, had children and prospered in her vocation. 
4 Madonna 
Nobody is astounded that Madonna has snared with the two ladies and men. She is simply the sovereign of reexamining and opening up to new encounters. There have been a few reports from Madonna and the individuals she has snared with discussing their time with the artist. She used to routinely go to and fro in her connections and one of the more generally discussed encounters includes Rosie Perez. Perez said that in 1993 when Madonna and Vanilla Ice separated she snared with Madonna and Tupac. Madonna had recently as of late began dating the rapper. She has proceeded to attach with any semblance of Jenny Shimizu who claims she was flown the world over available to the artist no matter what, dance club proprietor Ingrid Casares, and Sandra Bernhard. 
5 Wanda Sykes 
Wanda Sykes was hitched to her significant other for quite a while before she came out as a lesbian. It required some investment frankly and open with her loved ones, indeed, she didn't come out to her mom until she was 40-years of age. During a meeting with Oprah in 2013, she got exceptionally real about being gay in Hollywood. She discussed what it resembled being hitched to a man before understanding her true desries and how her life has now changed since coming out. She wedded her accomplice Alex in 2009 after they had been dating for a long time stealthily. They currently have twins, one kid and one young lady and appear to be carrying on a glad presence. Since coming out, Sykes has been a backer for equivalent rights for lesbians and gays. 
6 Angelina Jolie 
Angelina Jolie was a dead-looked at, rising entertainer when she featured in the film Hackers with her then life partner Jonny Lee Miller. The couple would inevitably wed in 1996 yet when Jolie headed out to film the film Foxfire and met Jenny Shimizu she said it was all consuming, instant adoration. "I experienced passionate feelings for her the primary second I saw her,". All things considered, I saw when she was being projected in Foxfire, and I thought she had quite recently perused as far as it matters for me. I thought I planned to lose the employment." She proceeded to state, "I most likely would have hitched Jenny Shimizu on the off chance that I hadn't wedded my [first] spouse." During her 3-year union with Miller she was likewise observing Shimizu routinely conceding that it added to their marriage finishing in 1999. 
7 Amber Heard 
Golden Heard broadly escaped what she guaranteed was an injurious relationship with Johnny Depp. She haphazardly snared with Elon Musk before moving back to ex Taysa Van Ree. Van Ree and Heard were a thing in 2009 and this was just uncovered after she had documented cases against Depp for misuse and having her own previous criminal record raised. It's uncertain if the couple are still attached as of now however sources state they are consistently here and there. It has likewise been accounted for that she has been going to and fro between Van Ree and Musk. As of late as February 2018, she had a new separation with Musk. The entertainer has consistently kept up that she is fluid with her wants and eventually, she just likes what she enjoys right now. 
8 Billie Jean King 
Billie Jean King isn't only renowned for being related with a Michael Jackson melody (that really had nothing to do with her), she was likewise a tennis star. She was unreasonably outed right off the bat in her profession and a film Battle Of The Sexes that came out this year is somewhat about her character. Lord revealed to NBC news that despite the fact that she was outed she wasn't really OK with herself until she was 51-years of age. She was hitched to a legal counselor by the name of Larry King for quite a long time yet carried on associations with females covertly. During their separation, she became hopelessly enamored with her duplicates accomplice Ilana Kloss and the couple are still attached today. She has kept an extraordinary relationship with King and is even the back up parent of one of his youngsters.
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