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WAWU! See Why The Wedding Of African Lesbians In Ghanaian Traditional Wear Caused Uproar


Sept. 25, 2020

Wedding photos of lesbians of African descent caused an uproar about three years ago on social media especially from conservative Ghanaians who believe the two women are from their country.
One of the photos shows the women wearing traditional Ghanaian cloth called Kente as they share a kiss.
Other pictures show one of them in a white suit and the other in a white gown at a beautiful ceremony filled with guests.
The origin of the pictures is unknown but reports say the wedding was held in the Netherlands where same-s*x marriage is legal.
The backlash is not due to the four-tier wedding cake or the Mrs and Mrs sign next to the cake, but the belief that they were breaking the cultural norms of Ghana that abhors homos*xualism.
It is a taboo to be lesbian, gay, bis*xual and transgender in Ghana and in many other parts of Africa where they face abuse and attacks. Only South Africa has legalised same-s*x marriage.
In the same year, photos and videos of a Ghanaian man’s wedding to his American boyfriend at an undisclosed location in the United States went viral.
Angry reactions were posted on social media against the solemn ceremony and the happy couple.
Similarly, a video of Ghanaian Albert Appiah, a.k.a. Kinto, being beaten for allegedly being homos*xual went viral in 2015.
This prompted local authorities to make arrests in connection with the incident and the public to argue over whether the beating of gays per the Bible is still appropriate.
In the video, a visibly bloody Kinto is seen being questioned in the dark. After being hit repeatedly and not being allowed to speak, they finally ask him why he was in the area.
Kinto says, “I came to see Salim.” There is more chaos and then Kinto says: “I want…I want….” And an unseen but audibly angry man asks, “You want to what?” Kinto replies, “I want to chop Salim.”
The brief video ends with the camera going out of focus and the unseen man screaming Jamaican-esque catchphrases, such as “boomba clot!
This video prompted local police to investigate the alleged beating that took place in Nima, a suburb of Accra.
Divisional Commander of the Nima Police Command ACP Nuhu Jango says that in their investigation, they have found that the gay allegations against Kinto are false.
Meanwhile, we will like to hear from you. Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.
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