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7 Planter Projects Kids Can Tackle Themselves


Sept. 29, 2020

Kids get bored easily, especially when all they do is the same things they are used to doing. To make it more fun and educational at the same time, trying out new creative activities can be rewarding. One such activity is making planters to hold flowers or other living plants . They are so fun and easy to make that they can do it themselves. Here are a few DIY projects your kid can tackle.
7 Making Milk Jug Bunny Planters
One creative and fun way for your child to make planters is by using milk jugs. It is a good lesson to them that such items do not have to be thrown away but can be creatively recycled and used to make a planter. To do this, trace the shape of a bunny around the jug and then cut off the top. Next, paint it with a color of your choice and decorate it. Fill it with soil and you have a milk jug bunny planter ready for planting.
6 Making Self-Watering Planters
This is another great way for your kid to easily make planters. To make a self-watering planter , you will need a container such as a soda bottle. Cut the bottle in half. After this, take off the cap and make a hole in it. Having tied a knot at the end of a string, put it through the hole and tighten it back on the bottle. Invert it and fill it with soil. Insert the seeds or plant and water the soil. Add water to the bottom part of the bottle and place the top part into it. Now you have a self-watering planter.
5 Making Planters Using Old Tires
This arguably the easiest planter to make. Instead of getting rid of old tires, you can convert them into planters. To make attractive tire planters, you can paint them with complementing colors or cut them to various designs. You can use one or several tires stacked on the ground and filling the center with soil. Also, you can hang them on a wall, fill the middle part with soil, and plant your flowers or any other plants.
4 Making Flower Planters Using Rubber Boots
Making planters using rubber boots is not only an innovative idea, but it is also sentimental. It is a good way to keep the memories of your kids alive as they grow older. If you are planting flowers, the different colors create a harmony that makes the boot planters standout. Additionally, the rubber boots will protect your precious plants from ground insects and slugs. Just fill them with soil, plant your seeds or plants, and you have a rubber boot planter.
3 Making Planters Using Old Furniture
When your precious piece of furniture breaks or when you buy new ones, the old ones could still be useful as a planter . It could be a chance for your children to get creative and make planters out of old drawers, chairs, dressers, and more. This is not only helpful in reducing the clutter in the house, but it also beautifies your home.
For example, to make a chair planter, you will have to remove the bottom of the chair and create a trough in its place. You can do this by attaching a window screen and a coco mat on the frame to hold them in place. Add the soil and embed your plants or seeds. Water them and your furniture planter is ready.
2 Making Planters Using Toys They Have Outgrown
Your kids can also indulge in a planter project that involves their old toys. Making planters out of their toys can be a good way for them to appreciate their milestones in growth as they turn them into planters. You can use an old truck filled with soil to plant seeds. Another easy way is to attach your rubber squeaky to a container using glue. The container can be an old mug or bowl decorated for a toy planter.
1 Making Planters Using Their Old Bicycles
if your kid has outgrown the older bike and it is just laying around, encouraging him or her to tackle a bicycle planter project can be good for them. It is an easy process that will be fun for them. They simply have to install a basket or two, fill it up with soil, and plant. However, if the bicycle is very old, it is advisable to do some paintwork on it. Additionally, you will have to figure out where to position it and how to stabilize it.
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