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The Royal Children Were Star-Struck Meeting Their Favorite Celebrity


Sept. 29, 2020

Have you ever met a celebrity? Not many people are lucky enough to meet a celebrity , but if they are, they take all kinds of pictures and they want to brag about it to the entire world. We also don’t think that celebrities get “star struck” when they meet people that they admire, but they do. Even the royal family has people they admire, and they may act like a “giddy school girl” if they get the chance to meet their idol.
Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis all got to meet one of their favorite celebrity, and their parents were there to capture the entire moment. According to People , Prince William and Kate Middleton shared two adorable pictures of their children with Sir David Attenborough, a friend of the family.
David Attenborough is an English broadcaster, writer and naturalist and he is known for his amazing educational TV programs and the 9-part Life series. He was knighted back in 1985, when he was given the title of “sir.” His documentaries are amazing to watch and children are able to learn so much about the world around them.
The pictures were taken in the gardens at Kensington palace and this was after Prince William attended a screening for Sir David’s new movie, A Life On Our Planet . All of the children are in matching outfits, and they all seem to be having the time of their lives, especially Prince George, he may be Sir David’s biggest fan.
Prince George looks a little star-struck in the photo, as if he can not believe who is standing in front of him. Princess Charlotte has her hands on her face in shock, and Prince Louis seems to be distracted by something happening off frame, but he is still young so no one will hold it against him.
Prince William has a special love and appreciation for the world around him, and this has only grown since having children. He has an upcoming documentary coming out called Prince William: A Planet For All Of Us All and he speaks about how having children has made him realize that he needs to take care of the world for his children and all the children that come after him. Sir David appears in that documentary, and when Kate Middleton was on the show she said that her children were very upset that they were not coming to meet the man as well.
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