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Bishop Oyedepo's Encounter With Witches That Should Inspire Believers To Be Strong


Oct. 29, 2020

From a small gathering of people in a rented place in Kaduna, Bishop Oyedepo has gone on to build a ministry of gargantuan proportion. I refer to him as a force of nature for everything he's been able to achieve but there's one thing that stands out most to me. It was when the Man of God made an Altar Call for people practising witchcraft.
Altar Calls are normally made for those who want God to forgive them as they put their trust in Jesus as Saviour.
On this particular day, however, Bishop David Oyedepo asked those present in church, who knew they were into witchcraft to get up. Some folks stood up, both men and women.
Bishop Oyedepo said he had to clarify to make sure they really understood what he said. So he asked if they were truly sure they were into witchcraft and not someone else's accusations.
They all answered in the affirmative. Bishop Oyedepo then turned to one of them and asked what was her area of speciality. She answered they were those who caused some accidents on the highway whenever they needed to make blood sacrifice.
He then asked what they did whenever they saw someone like him approaching. She replied whenever they saw someone with a higher power they fled the scene. Even Satanic powers understand who is superior to them.
Lots of Christians are living in defeat and fear. Some believers can't even travel to the village because they believe they'll be killed by 'village people'. I believe this is a slap on the face of Jesus, who gave His very life that we might have total victory over Satan and all his works.
For Satanic forces to flee before a Child of God should be the norm. Jesus has given us power to destroy all the works of Satan and that nothing shall harm us.
Obedience to God is one of the requirements for God to empower a believer and Bishop Oyedepo often say he obeys God to the letter.
May we rise up to our rightful place in life, instead of living in fear of the enemy. Ask God to anoint you in the Holy Ghost and power and to give you grace to always obey His commands, no matter how tough.
Remain blessed in Jesus name.
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