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#EndSARS: Desmond Elliot Supporting Social Media Regulation Is A Disappointment For Nigerian Youth


Oct. 29, 2020

Source: Ghgossip
Earlier this week, Demond Elliot, Nollywood veteran actor who currently serves as a representative in the Lagos State House of Assembly was accused of supporting social media regulation. He was alleged to have spoken on the floor of the statehouse to condemning the role of social media influencers.
Given how that gained traction, he was forced to respond to that allegation. He denied ever saying anything like that and that even if any member of the Lagos State house had said anything to the effect of regulating social media, it is only the National Assembly that is vested with the power of enacting any regulations on social media.
Source: Ghgossip
That day, the video of Desmond Elliot speaking about social media was also allegedly taken down from the website of the Lagos state house of assembly. Interestingly, today, the video has been released. As of the time Scooper went to press, it is very unclear how the video got to the public domain. We cannot verify whether the video was leaked or if it was released by the Lagos State House of Assembly.
Whatever the case is, the video did not look good on Desmond Elliot at all. In the video, we saw an angry Desmond Elliot wax so strong about how social media influencers have corrupted the youth. He blamed the rioting and looting that went on in multiple communities over the past week on social media.
What caught the attention of many people was that be blamed the desecration of the palace of the Oba of Lagos and the stealing of the Oba’s staff of office on social media and social media influencers. For me, it was a rather disappointing take from Desmond Elliot, someone you would have expected to be a voice for the youth.
This is the same line of thought of Femi Adesina, special assistant to Buhari on media and publicity. Today on Channels Television, he blamed the looting and vandalism of warehouses across the country on the #EndSARS protest. One can understand that Femi Adesina will need speak in support for the government. That is his job.
Source: TheNigeriaLawyer
It is however incredibly sad that Desmond Elliot would blame social media for what happened at the palace of the Oba of Lagos. From accounts, the king hoarded COVID-19 palliatives at his palace. Ad much as it is necessary to condemn the looting and vandalism, we should also condemn the fact that the Oba of Lagos hoarded palliatives in his palace.
What is the justification for that? Desmond Elliot waxed strong about the disappearance of culture as one of the consequences of social media. I will like to ask him if it was culturally right that the Oba of Lagos withheld palliatives at his palace? No word was mentioned by Desmond Elliot about the Lekki Tollgate shooting. Unfortunately, he was more concerned about social media.
Source: Information Guide Africa
Desmond Elliot is proof that we have a leadership crisis in Nigeria irrespective of age, experience, or inexperience. Our case in Nigeria has always been that both old and young people in leadership positions have failed us. Desmond Elliot is proof of that. To save what is left of this country, we really need to vote out the political establishment.
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