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How Can I Help My Child Choose An Appropriate Career

Comrade Yemi ENITAN

Oct. 29, 2020

Helping your children choose an appropriate career option can be a tricky task. If you do what you love, it is no longer work for you. That said, it is quite apt in this case. In contrast, children at an early age might not always be able to decide what they love doing. Your little one might not be aware of the money , safety, prestige, and other nuances of each career option at a tender age. More than these is the joy of doing what you absolutely admire. Mondays shall not be a nightmare for your little one. And they shall not always eye the door of their workspace, anticipating to leave after 5:00 pm.
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That is where the difference between a job and a career comes in. Your child might do a job for the time being, for a little exposure or some extra cash, but they might not be passionate about it. In comparison, a career is something where they wake up every day for the next 30 years and yearn to see their office with the same enthusiasm as their first day. You must be their guide to assist them in choosing their path. Here are some other aspects as well with which you can help your child choose an appropriate career option .
Observe and Encourage
You might get your child enrolled in different sports , art classes, and camps; they might enjoy doing them all for a little while. However, there are some areas in which your child demonstrates fabulous capabilities.
These might sometimes pop up while they are practicing a particular activity. For example, your child might have a raw natural talent for brush and colors or is an excellent dribbler of the ball on the field. These skills obviously need polishing and proper technique for your child to excel in that area for many years. However, these skills might not always be visible when they are practicing that activity. There are other daily activities as well in which these skills reveal themselves. You, as a parent, must be observant and alert to note them.
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Once you observe that your child is good at his craft, you must ensure that they do not leave it like any other summer activity. You must encourage your child to foray more into the activity. There are chances that your child might not be as curious to explore more in that particular activity, but you must at least introduce them to the finer aspects of that thing. If they are not very keen even after that, you must let them explore new things and observe again.
Do Not Enforce or Limit Them
Donning a white coat and walking into your clinic or scoring a winning goal in the finals may have been your dream in your day. And for some reason, you might not have been able to pursue it and might have chosen an alternate option. For this, you must not force your child to fulfill your much-anticipated dream. Else, if you are a doctor or a business person, do not see your child as an extension of your personality . Your kid might not necessarily be the bearer of the torch but may light a torch of his own on a novel path.
Likewise, if the ambitions of your child are huge, be sure not to limit them. You do not want to cage the bird before it can even fly. Stepping on another planet, being the fastest runner in the world, or vanishing poverty may seem impractical, but none are impossible. Before doing anything, teach your child to dream big and envision themselves there. Perhaps every impossible thing has always started with a mere dream.
That said, it does not imply you teach them to be impractical. Not limiting them states that your child has a dream which they can picture and work hard for. That said, you should also teach them the power of hard work, saying that their goal is achievable if they put extra and honest efforts towards achieving it.
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Barbara Coloroso , an Author and Parenting Expert, says, "We need to encourage members of this next generation to become all that they can become, not try to force them to become what we want them to become …”
Help Them Find a Mentor
You are the first and the best mentor for your child. While spending time with them, you can imbibe many great qualities in your child. But if you work as a business consultant, and your child aspires to be a swimmer, there isn't much that you can teach your child about swimming . For this, your child must be trained under a mentor in his area of interest.
A mentor is not a teacher that delivers a lecture on a subject for an hour twice every week. A mentor sticks with your child and not only teaches them but also conditions them. If they seek to build a career in sports, training their minds becomes as essential as their bodies. Mentors train different kids, and with tested techniques, they get the best out of your child. While your child might not be able to choose the best person to train them, you certainly can. Finding a meteor doesn't state that your job is done. You must comfort your child and be strict with them when necessary, alongside the mentor.
A career is not built in a day, week, month, or a year. It is a perpetual process, which continues until you lay your arms and retire. The hard part, though, is choosing one and leaping over it. Once you help your child choose the correct path for themselves and your child walks on it, they may run, they may fall, and they might even get injured, but if they love it, your kid will always get up and walk again.
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