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How To Safely Trick Or Treat This Halloween


Oct. 29, 2020

At present, the COVID-19 virus is still spreading. With Halloween coming up, how can we safely let our kids trick or treat?
The tradition of this ghastly festival is to wear spooky costumes and attend Halloween parties. Kids love dressing up as their favorite character and going from door to door saying, "Trick or treat." However, taking the recent times into account, that may not be the wisest idea.
Due to the pandemic , should the kids not expect a 'Happy Halloween'? If you feel that it is okay for the kids to go out, they can enjoy All Hallows' Eve and be safe with precautions and safety –nothing is more important than your kids' health.
Dr. Tista Ghosh, an epidemiologist and senior medical director, said to NY Times , "There are ways to participate in Halloween that could minimize risks."
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As parents, if you directly advise kids to follow the rules and regulations, the rebels might not listen to you. Instead of being bossy and commanding, sit with your kids, explain to them the circumstances, and the result of their ignorance. Even then, it might not be easy, but they have got to abide by them to be able to relish that sweet Halloween candy . Here are some tips for a safe Halloween, if kids are coming to your place or your kid is going to places.
If you are letting your child out, here are some precautions for him:
Ask Your Child to Wear a Mask All the Time
Masks prevent the virus from coming in contact with the mouth and nose. Disney has a great video showing parents and guardians how they can incorporate masks with costumes. All those little wizards and witches will have to wear a mask with their costumes while tricking-or-treating this year.
Dr. Victoria Regan, a pediatrician and vice president at Women's & Children's Service Line with Memorial Hermann, said in an interview , "The number one rule this year is going to be making sure everyone is wearing their mask."
Ask Them to Stay in the Neighborhood
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Keep yourself updated about the COVID-19 cases in your area. You do not want your kids to go in the proximity of houses with symptomatic patients. Remember, they are putting themselves at significant risk if they enter those areas.
Ask Them to Sanitize or Wash Their Hands Regularly
The virus, if your kid comes in contact with it, gets washed off with the help of alcohol-based sanitizers . Washing hands with soap for at least 20 seconds also does the same job. Tell your kids to wash their hands thoroughly. Doing this at regular intervals will aid in killing any germs that might have settled. This is a bit tedious, but safety is paramount this Halloween.
Once the kids have collected their ' treat ' and kept it in their baskets, ask them to sanitize or wash their hands immediately.
Ask Them to Avoid Touching Their Face
Kids tend to touch things unnecessarily and then put their hands in their mouths. They aren't fully aware of what the consequences of their actions might lead to. Specifically, warn them never to touch their face. The virus enters the body majorly through the eyes, mouth, and the nose. If they do not touch them, the probability of germs entering their body is greatly reduced.
Ask Them to Maintain Social Distancing at All Times
Ideally, social distancing of 6 feet should be maintained. The reason for this is, if someone sneezes or coughs, the particles stay in the air as droplets. If distancing is retained and masks are worn, those particles will not be able to infect you. Your kids might not be able to raid the houses in a crowded group this year for trick-or-treat, but they can do so with proper social distancing.
If you have young ones coming to your house, here are some tips for their safety:
Placing Sanitizing Stations Outside Your House
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You can install a small sanitizing station outside your home. If some kids have not carried sanitizers with them, you can ask them to use these stations. So, before someone enters, they can sanitize their hands, and the safety protocol is followed.
Passing The Candies Through a UV Light
Ultraviolet or UV light kills the virus residing on the surface. Passing the candies through UV light is an extra form of protection that can be taken from your end. If kids are coming to your house to collect candies, it is your responsibility to deliver those candies safely to them. UV light does that job for you. Alternately, you can also sanitize the candies from outside.
Keeping the Candies Scattered on Tables or Sidewalks
Avoid public gatherings, and to ensure minimum contact, you can place a table outside your house and lay candies there for the kids. You can set up a long table or choose a sidewalk where you can distribute the candy amongst the little witches and wizards . Alternatively, you can also paste social distancing stickers to guide the children. This will minimize the spread of infections . Lastly, please limit the number of children who can come to collect candies at once, and ask them to come at different times to avoid gatherings.
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The pandemic has tested us with a challenge like no other. But we can defy the odds and emerge out victorious. While, of course, enjoying the process. Your kids might have stayed indoors for a major part of this year, and Halloween comes as a moment of joy for them. So instead of restricting them to stay indoors, with these appropriate measures, they can enjoy Halloween this year, only a tad bit differently.
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