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Megyn Kelly Calls Out Governor's Mandates For Thanksgiving


Oct. 29, 2020

Everyone is experiencing “COVID fatigue” and they are tired of this pandemic . They are ready to get back to a normal life and enjoy things that they used to. They want to be able to do activities without having to worry about a face mask or making sure they are 6-feet away from someone. They want to give their friends and family a hug without worrying about infecting them. However, just because the world is tired of the coronavirus, does not mean that it just goes away.
The holidays are coming up, and it can be tempting to break public health measures to celebrate with friends and family. With the US Thanksgiving coming up, California is once again imposing guidelines for how to celebrate safely and one person is absolutely over it.
According to DailyMail , Megyn Kelly is publicly over the COVID guidelines and she took to Twitter to explain her frustrations. Megyn Kelly is a former host for Fox News and NBC News and she sent out a tweet on Sunday morning and called the guidelines 'Thanksgiving Insanity.’ This comes after the governor of California, Gavin Newsom, imposed restrictive Thanksgiving guidelines to try and keep the state’s case count low.
The guidelines included that dinners be held outside, guests can use bathrooms if they are sanitized, masks must be worn while they are not eating, singing is not encouraged and the 6-feet distance must be kept. They have also put a time limit on how long dinners can be and that is 2 hours.
She attached her tweet with an article that outlined all of the restrictions. Megyn is not the only celebrity who is speaking out on these restrictions. Rob Schneider also took to his Twitter to express his displeasure to what the governor is doing.
The big problem when people speak out on anything is that it starts a snowball, and if celebrities are pushing back at restrictions, it makes it easier for the general public to do it as well. Families will ignore the guidelines and interact as they would normally and the case count will go up.
The world is frustrated and this is not how anyone wants to celebrate a holiday with their family, but this may be what it takes to make sure that the spread of the virus is stopped and the faster it is stopped, the quicker we can all return to a “normal” life again.
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