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REVEALED! Nigerian Pastor Who Mobilized Members For Trump Presidency Explains Why

Mayowa NG

Oct. 29, 2020

Prof Daddy Hezekiah, the Founder of Living Christ Mission, has explained why he prayed for Donald Trump.
Recall an earlier post made, where some church members were seen campaigning on the street for president Donald trump to win the second election. READ FULL GIST HERE: Nigerian Church Storm The Streets To Holds Prayer Walk For U.S President, Donald Trump (Photos)
Hezekiah who spoke to journalists in Onitsha said Trump’s policies in the US have been consistent, and also depicted him as a true Christian.
He said, “I and the entire church members are praying and asking God for President Trump to be re-elected because of his unequalled
monumental achievements.
“These achievements range from his moves to make peace between Israel and the United Arab Emirate (UAE) after about 58 years of hostilities, as well as with Bahrain on the other hand.
“In fact Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was indeed a giant step in global history as other United States Presidents were not able to do that.”
Hezekiah spoke further that from available records, President Trump had recorded many outstanding achievements to his credits which other presidents before him were not able to achieve.
“Notably, his famed endorsement of Jerusalem as the capital of the state of Israel confirmed the biblical account of Israel. Fortifying of United States of America borders to check influx of terrorists which has boosted America internal security, stopping of same-sex marriages, abortion and other anti-Christian values, and freedom of worship are among his achievements.”
He urged Americans to vote massively for Trump, saying that the achievements listed and more are his reasons for organizing a prayer walk for the US president.
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