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SEE PROBLEM! Lady Runs Away After Man Pays Her Money To Give Him Blowj0b


Oct. 29, 2020

53-year-old Dean Ley threatened to set fire to some apartments after paying a lady £20 for oral s3x he did not receive.
Dean Ley
He was holding a cigarette lighter while screaming at residents who were hiding a lady he says had run away with cash he gave her for sexual services.
After being arrested and released on bail, the 53-year-old then burgled and ransacked the headquarters of a charity that provides support to disabled children, according to reports from Wales Online.
Swansea Crown Court heard that on September 3 this year, people living in apartments in the city's St Helen's Road were bothered by someone in the street below.
Prosecutor Craig Jones said when residents went to their windows, they saw Dean Ley striking a cigarette lighter and threatening to set fire to a block of apartments unless they stopped hiding a woman.
The court heard the threats of burning down the building went on for some time with the defendant trying to gain entry to the block through the communal front door.
Prosecutor Jones said at one point, Dean Ley was joined by a female friend who told the frightened residents: "You don't know him. He will gut you all."
Cops were then called and the 53-year-old told them that he had paid a lady £20 for oral s3x but that she had run off with the money.
He said had seen her going into the flats and he wanted to get his money back.
Dean Ley was arrested, charged and on September 10 appeared at Swansea Magistrates' Court where he was granted bail.
The court heard just four days later Ley broke into the Gordon Moore Friends of the Young Disabled, a charity based in the former Cwmfelin works office building near the Cwmbwrla roundabout in Carmarthen Road.
The voluntary organisation provides a range of support and therapies for youngsters from across Swansea.
Mr Jones said the defendant ransacked rooms on all three floors of the building during the evening break-in, stealing money and a TV set.
The prosecutor said the intruder was quickly identified by police and tracked down to a friend's house and when officers caught him he was in the process of counting the money he had just stolen.
The court heard that in their police statements the tenants of the St Helen's Road flats said they were afraid Ley was going to carry out his threats, while in a victim impact statement the secretary of the children's charity said the raid had caused weeks of disruption.
Ley, of Vincent Street, Sandfields, Swansea, admitted charges of making threats to damage property by fire and burglary.
The court heard he has "numerous previous convictions" for a range of offending including 15 non-dwelling burglaries, house burglary, possession of bladed articles, robbery, common assault, and criminal damage.
He robbed a man with learning difficulties who was visiting Swansea for the day.
Judge Huw Rees said Ley had been "motivated by revenge" when he made the threats to burn the flats down and that it must have been a frightening experience for the residents.
Giving the defendant credit for his guilty pleas, the judge Rees sentenced Ley to 18 months for making threats and six months for burglary with the sentences to run consecutively making a total sentence of two years.
The defendant will serve up to half of that period in custody before being released on licence.
ELSEWHERE, a couple have been charged with murder after their malnourished young daughter passed away in the hospital weighing about 3kg.
Kylie Mickens
Porscha Mickens and Jerrail Mickens who live near Buford, Georgia, US brought their daughter Kylie Mickens to hospital on June 7.
Medics at Northeast Georgia Medical Center Braselton called the police about Kylie Mickens who was unresponsive due to her condition and low weight.
She was then flown to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta - Scottish Rite Hospital.
Cops launched an investigation the next day after Kiley died.
The four-month probe included interviews, a search of the Mickens’ home and an autopsy on Kylie.
Jerrail Mickens
Porscha Mickens
The autopsy in early October found Kylie died from dehydration and malnutrition due to medical neglect.
Her death was considered a murder and her parents were arrested.
After her death, her grandmother posted a message on Facebook seeking donations for her burial.
In her post, the woman wrote that her granddaughter was born with 'a rare condition' and was only expected to live two years. 
'However we experienced a true miracle and were able to enjoy 5 years with her,' the post read.  
Both Jerrail and Porscha Mickens remained at the Hall County Jail without bond on Wednesday.
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