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The Funniest Movie Quotes From Popular Kid Movies

K Sammy

Oct. 29, 2020

Watching some hilarious kid movies is one sure way to unwind after a long week. From riotously funny movies to engaging and sweet, kid films come with lots of confidence-building messages and one-liners that have the entire family laughing. Giggle along with this list as you read some of the funniest, yet real-world quotes from children's movies.
6 We are talking greater good
“Greater good? I am your wife! I’m the greatest good you are ever going to get!”
In the 2004 animated superhero film, The Incredibles , a heated exchange happens when superhero Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson) wants to ditch dinner plans with his wife, Honey (Kimberly Adair Clark), to save the world from looming danger.
Well, the couple has been planning this precise dinner for two months, and Honey is not about to watch Frozone bailout. Honey’s verbal beatdown perfectly captures what every spouse feels when one partner does not seem to have his or her priorities right.
5 Fish are friends
“I am a nice shark; not a mindless eating machine.”
In Finding Nemo , this popular shark-pledge said by the sharks, Chum, Anchor, and Bruce when met by Dory and Marlin, is meant to make sharks fish-friendly. The whole quote reads, “I am a nice shark; not a mindless eating machine. If I am to change this image, I must first change myself; fish are friends, not food.”
Bruce, Anchor, and Chum are indeed very friendly sharks who are against eating fish, and they show their commitment by attending shark therapy sessions. Finally, after weeks and months of therapy, Bruce, the leader of the therapy sessions that the sharks attend, has had success in therapy. Bruce’s therapist would be celebrating but Bruce ate him shortly after saying the sharks’ pledge.
4 Just smile and wave, boys
“Don’t you think we should tell them that the boat’s out of gas?”
“Nah. Just smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave.”
This great amount of wisdom in Skipper’s words from 2014’s Penguins of Madagascar movie is quite a productive response when you feel a person’s actions are inappropriate.
Private, who is nicer and more sensitive than the others , is often proposing nicer plans, such as simply telling the truth always. For instance, Alex and his friends have been trapped on a tropical island, and are trying to return to New York, but no avail. However, the penguins provide the solution when they arrive on the sandy beach on a ship. Alex and his friends can finally return to New York, and Skipper gives up control of the ship to Alex, as he (Skipper) no longer needs it – it is out of fuel.
Skipper goes ahead to sunbathe on the tropical beaches in comfort when Private suggests to Skipper, to tell Alex and his friends, that the boat is out of gas. To this, Skipper asks the boys to ‘just smile and wave.’
3 There’s more to life
“So, laying eggs all your life and then getting plucked, stuffed, and roasted is good enough for you?"
Ginger (Julia Sawalha) in Chicken Run (2000) has ambitions that do not involve being fated to a life of laying eggs on a chicken farm in Yorkshire. When Rocky an American rooster sets foot on the scene, the chickens can finally learn to fly to freedom.
Ginger tries to convince Babs (Jane Horrocks), a farm-mate, that there is something better out there! True that.
2 Want to do something for her?
“Well… the usual things: flowers, chocolates, promises you do not intend to keep…”
Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast (1991) knows how the game goes. Romance is a gamble that may involve taking risks on others and not receiving affection in return .
Depending on how you look at Cogsworth's words, he may be digging at silly sentimental gestures, or indirectly warning the beast not to go down that path. Either way, you have got to like Cogsworth for being his practical self.
1 One of those days
“I ate like a pig”
“Pumbaa, you ARE a pig”
Simba reminds Pumbaa, the gluttonous warthog in The Lion King , that he (Pumbaa) is a pig, when Pumbaa explains that he, too, is stuffed. Pumbaa is lucky to have that excuse, an excuse that any person or animal that is not a pig cannot have.
Sources: movies.disney.com , imdb.com
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