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TRAGEDY! Father Guns Down His Two Teenage Daughters Then Commits Suicide


Oct. 29, 2020

A father fatally shot his two daughters before he then used the same gun to commit suicide.
Natasha and Alexa
Authorities rushed to the apartment of Raymond Haydel on Tuesday at about 10.25pm after reports of gunshots being fired in Forney, Texas.
When cops got the scene, they found the 63-year-old father dead on the floor inside with a gunshot wound to his head.
During their search of the apartment, cops also found the bodies of 17-year-old Natasha and her younger sister 16-year-old Alexa who both suffered numerous gunshot wounds.
The sisters sadly passed away before authorities arrived.
Investigators believe Raymond Haydel murdered both of his daughters and then used the gun to commit suicide, but they have not yet figured out why he did it.
Cops also revealed that Raymond Haydel was separated from the Natasha and Alexa’s mother.
The sisters resided with their mother in Forney and had visited their father when the murder occurred.
Wes Hardin, dad to one of the girls’ boyfriends, said he was shocked Haydel could commit such a horrific crime and take his daughters’ lives.
He told local media: “We know what we need to know and sometimes things happen that you don’t want to put a reason on.
“Of course we are angry but we know the girls would want us to celebrate their life…the outpouring of support from the kids is amazing.”
Neighbour Darion and Lindsay Daily, who lived close to Haydel, told local media about the police response.
Lindsay said: “It was blocked off, and they had it taped off so we really couldn’t see nothing. It was shocking to hear what transpired.”
Darion added: “I’m the one that had to kick the door in and see that. And it was too late.”
Natasha had graduated from Forney High School 10 days before the shooting and Alexa also attended the school.
Both played in the school band.
Following the shooting, Forney Independent School District released a statement on Wednesday.
It read: “Yesterday, we learned of the tragic loss of two of our Forney High School students, and our hearts are broken.
“We extend condolences to Natasha and Alexa Haydel’s family and to our Forney family.”
ELSEWHERE, parents who abandoned their 21-month-old son to drown in the bath while they went shopping have escaped jail.
Sabina Lewis and Eddy Louis got probation instead of jail time for abandoning their three children unsupervised for about two hours in September 2019 while they went to Walmart in Minnesota.
Sabina Lewis
The Minneapolis couple pleaded guilty in August to second-degree manslaughter for the death of their youngest child, who drowned in the bath while they were gone.
Hennepin County District Court Judge William Koch ruled they would not be imprisoned for the crime.
The couple went shopping to Walmart and Sam’s Club on the morning their son died, thinking their kids were still asleep, according to a criminal complaint.
Their eldest child was asleep when they returned home – but the four-year-old was in the bathroom trying to give the baby a bath.
This led to his tragic drowning.
The couple told cops they thought the children would remain sleeping while they shopped.
Eddy Louis
Koch sentenced Louis and Lewis to six months of home monitoring, three years of probation and 150 hours of community service instead of prison.
He also said they will have to participate in family therapy during this time.
Louis and Lewis will also complete a parenting class in the wake of their son's drowning.
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