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"Welcome To South Africa Where Every Rich Man Of God Is Fake"


Oct. 29, 2020

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri along his wife were arrested, the prophet followers got so mad that their papa was taken away from them. And in the other hands his haters got so happy and were celebrating all over social media and in their homes that he is taken away.
The prophet has to still go to court to determine if he is innocent or he will be sentenced but for now the people just want their papa home with them, and they are praying and hoping that he will be bailed. But it seems like their hope are not coming as they hoping this is followed by the recent post by the prophet in Facebook, when he posted that, " We would like to inform you all that hearing of the bail of case involving our spiritual parents, Prophet Sheppard Bushiri and Prophetess Mary Bushiri has been postponed, again to Friday 30th October 2020".
Prophet Shepard Bushiri's true followers continue to believe in the prophet no matter what he is being accused of, they instead accused the Prophet haters as traitors and say that are jealous of their papa because he is successful and a truly man of God.
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