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SHOCKING!!! How Man's Dead Body Removed From Coffin To Pay His Debt Before Burial


Nov. 24, 2020

How do you reclaim debt from a dead man? This is the shocking moment two undertakers at a cemetery remove a dead body from its coffin and hold it hostage over an unpaid debt.
The chilling scenes, allegedly in Greater Accra in Ghana, took place because the bereaved family failed to pay for the services of the mortuary men.
It is claimed the amount owed was 150 Ghanaian Cedi - roughly £27.
The drama begins with the two men standing over the open coffin while hundreds of onlookers rush over to see what is happening.
The angry undertakers shout at the crowd while trying to loosen the dead man's body from its surroundings.
Immediately after, the clip shows an empty coffin with the two men carrying the corpse on their shoulders. 
Some members of the crowd try to reason with two men who angrily gesticulate at the corpse and the crowd. 
Other onlookers standby, stunned at what they've seen while the two men march away unrepentant. 
It is unknown whether the man was subsequently reburied or whether the undertakers received their payment. 
Another man in Poland had a lucky escape last year after being declared dead following a heavy night of drinking only to wake up in a morgue. 
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