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VIDEO: Slay Queen Causes Stir As She Parade Her Raw V@gina During Party

Alex Sedofia

Nov. 24, 2020

The craze at parties has really spiked in recent times. Almost every young person who loves parties goes to have fun and sometimes go extremes at these parties.
Partying has moved from night clubs to houses. House parties are in plenty despite the Government pleading with citizens to practice social distancing to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus.
In Ghana, it is the desire of every slay queen to gain prominence so, at parties that have a lot of rich men attending, they go to the extreme to get this recognition.
In most cases, the house parties turn into something else as most of the slay queens are seduced with alcohol and slept with or they begin showing their naughty nature.
It has been established that these slay queens will do anything to get what they want even if it's ungodly which will afterward bring them shame or even death.
These slay queens engage in reckless behaviors while drunk during house parties and end up cursing men forever after falling pregnant and contracting deadly STDs.
A viral video that has emerged on social media where a slay queen was spotted getting loose in a house party after she got extremely drunk
The slay queen can be seen pulling down her dress as she tw3rks but also shows off her v@gina freely.
In the first place, we are not in normal times for one to be a crowded environment due to the high rise in coronavirus cases.
Going to a house party has the risk of getting infected with the virus. Now, these parties are attended by from all sorts of life. Everyone might be sharply dressed but not everyone has a good intention.
In the case of this young slay queen, she was freely displaying her v@gina, what if she is taking advantage of and gets raped.
What if in getting raped she gets infected with an STI?
I honestly feel it's about time we become our brother’s keepers.
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