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Cavani Apologizes After Fans Thought He Is Racist

Fredy Kiprotich Langat

Dec. 01, 2020

Cavani who scored two goals on Sunday against Southampton has apologized after using a native language to thank a fan. The football star wrote, 'Gracias Negrito", which meant, thank you black one.
Photo Courtesy: Cavani Manchester United's football striker aftet scoring the goal on Sunday against Southampton.
This language he used made fans even more aggressive in many parts of the world unlike South America where it is acceptable.
Using the term "Black" now when you are white can lead to something else when you are next to the blacks.
Photo Courtesy; Cavani's post that made Manchester United fans furious.
Over the past months, black citizens in America went for a strike saying 'Black Lives Matter'. What they wanted was to be considered as human and not be killed anymore by the police under the Presidency of Donald Trump.
Photo Courtesy: Edinson Cavani, Manchester United's football striker.
Football has got fans all over the world and offensive words should not be used. The colour of the skin should not be something that people look at before saying or writing anything.
Cavani has however stated that he never meant to hurt anyone by posting the word. He has also added that the lasting he wants to do is to hurt anyone.
Photo Courtesy: Fernandez (left) and Cavani ( right) celebrating after Fernandez scored.
The player through the Manchester United's Twitter account has  said, " My main intention was to congratulate the fan. As soon as I realized that the message I was giving could be misinterpreted, I deleted it. I have already apologized. The last thing I want to do is to hurt anyone. I am opposed to racism. "
Other Manchester United players have also supported the player  saying that Manchester United team strongly opposes racism.
Photo Courtesy: Edinson Cavani, Manchester United football striker.
Racism has been for a long time be an issue at the United States. The player meant no harm to anyone by writing, 'Gracias Negrito. '
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