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If You Notice These 5 Things In A Woman, Please Don't Marry Her

Christopher Chukwuemeka

Dec. 01, 2020

In marriage, the fact that you love a woman or that she loves you, isn't enough to marry the person.
As they say, marriage is a school you won't graduate from. Their are many things you learn as soon as you say "I do" on the altar.
So today I will show you some of the bad behavior that some women practice that are not good and I will encourage you not to marry any girl that those any of the negative behavior if you don't want to regret it at last.
Below are things that when you detect it in a woman, please run for your life.
1. Gossiping
  If your girlfriend gossips a lot, be watchful because you may not be there when she will put you in trouble with her words or when she will ignorantly say everything that is going in your relationship or marriage to an enemy.
2. Always Controlling You
If you must beg your girlfriend all the time before she does something for you, it's an indication that you are forcing yourself on her. Maybe you should take your time so that you don't make much mistakes.
3. She Hardly Gets Back To You.
A disinterested lady will most likely ignore your calls or messages most times. Even if she does get back to you, it will definitely take a while for her to do so.
4. If She Never Appreciates You For All You Do.
If she doesn't appreciate the little you did for her now, what do you think will happen when things go bad for you whilst you guys are married. Do you think she will stay?
5. If your girlfriend can't spoil you please breakup with her. It's not only the girls that needs pampering. Guys too needs to be pampered by their girlfriends.
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