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SHAMELESS! Nigerian Celebrities Who Can't Cook | See Why Ned Nwoko BANNED Regina Daniels From Entering The Kitchen😲


Dec. 01, 2020

Show me any human or living being that survives without for outside it's threshold period and I will only accept the claims that cooking is not a survival skill. According to Business Insider, there are 7 survival skills every human should have and the top on the list is 'FInding food'. How do you then find food if you can't make it? Today, we are taking a look at Nigerian celebrities who are not so good in the kitchen and do not seem perturbed by it.
Even in Nigeria where food is a really big part of the culture, there still exist a ton of people who either cannot cook, do not like cooking, or just simply refuse to cook. Some of these people also happen to be some of Nigeria’s most successful celebrities.
Below are 7 Nigerian Celebrities Who Can't Cook. I hope you enjoy!
1 Toke Makinwa
On-air personality and Nigerian socialite, Toke Makinwa, caused quite the reaction when she revealed on social media that she hates cooking, especially because of the heat and the smell. She said:
I walked into my kitchen ready to cook and walked out with a glass of wine in my hands, cooking is not for me, all that sweat and smell yuck, crackers to the rescue. maybe I'll try tomorrow
Well at least she has crackers. 🤣
2 John Okafor
John Okafor popularly known by many as Mr. Ibu is another man that doesn’t know how to cook. When he told the world the reason for his inability to cook, it cause quite a bit of backlash as people thought that his thinking was backward. The comedian said:
My wife knows all about food and it is her duty to take note of that. She makes sure she gives me the best of what I need to eat. I do not take note on my own (of the nutritional value), but my wife does it for me.
Cooking is for the women and should be done by them, except on few occasions if you just feel the need to cook, which shows you have regard for your wife. Asides that, cooking is a woman’s duty.
A lot of people didn’t agree with Mr. Ibu’s statement about how cooking is a woman’s duty, but the comedian still seems set in his way and unchanging in his beliefs.
3 Desmond Elliott
Another Nollywood star who doesn’t really know how to cook is actor, Desmond Elliott. The Nollywood star opened up in an interview with Punch, saying that:
I don’t cook for my wife, I am sorry. I wish I could. I cannot cook and I also do not have the time. I try my best. No, it is not that I cannot cook for my wife but I cannot cook.
Hopefully one of these days, he can learn. Maybe his wife can teach him a thing or two.
4 Ini Edo
While Ini Edo might actually be able to cook in her own books, fans and internet people alike do not think so. The actress took to social media to show off a meal she had prepared and was proud of but was immediately met with backlash from fans who criticized her food and said that she cannot cook.
Here’s the meal she posted:
5 Erica
Big Brother Naija contestant Erica was recently called out on by her on-screen boyfriend during the show, Kiddwaya on Twitter for not being able to cook.
The friendly altercation happened on Monday when Kiddwaya asked his Twitter followers to ask him a question:
Erica used the opportunity to ask Kidd: “Why is your pidgin so wack?”
To which Kiddwaya responded: “Why can’t you cook?”
6 Regina Daniels
Nollywood actress and wife to a billionaire, Regina Daniels  does not seem to be much of a cook. Regina in an interview with popular OAP, Daddy Freeze made it known that Ned Nwoko doesn’t allow her go into the kitchen.
According to the actress, her husband gets upset whenever she tries to cook, reminding her that they have chefs.
“I cooked but he has stopped me, I cannot enter the kitchen, If enter the kitchen he’ll say stupid girl why are you cooking, you have cooks” she said.
Even though her husband justified her claims by saying she needs time for other things while chefs cook their mean, any man who enjoys his wife's meal will do anything to have her in the kitchen once in a while
SO that is our cue on this.
7 Laycon
Another Big Brother Naija contestant, one who actually WON the entire BBNaija season, Laycon revealed on Twitter that he cannot even toast bread.
If one cannot toast bread that is as simple as putting the bread into the toaster, then imagine what damage they can do in front of a stove. 
It's so easy to drag celebrities for their flaws because they are in spotlight. So now, let's access ourselves. Can you cook? If you can share your favorite meal and how to prepare it in the comments section, let's learn from ourselves
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